urban tings + city tangs: What if less isn't more?


I have long subscribed to the idea that cities need complexity. Christopher Alexander argues the same about buildings. What if the “less is more” dogma is a simplification of a real truth? Maybe it should say “less [in one part] is more [complexity on the whole]”.

I have seen a trend in…


why are we always waiting for something? Waiting for exams to be over, waiting for summer, waiting for Friday. And when what you’re waiting for finally comes, we don’t even appreciate what we have been waiting for, instead we just wait for something else.

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bird bracelet. done at L.T.W Tattoo.Barcelona, Spain,by @ JORGETERAN
The Learning Brain: Philosophy of Life


I personally think that everyone should live life without holding grudges against others. Grudges are constant negative feelings or ideas you have towards another human being, so why bother with things that make you unhappy. I have never met someone who wanted to have an unhappy life, so just let…

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excuse me while i fall on the floor and die
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